Obsidian has no concept of or interest in how things used to be. Conceived during the economic recession when others focused on the “decline of advertising” we saw it for what it was - a creative renaissance. Advertising never went anywhere; its audience did. As a result the industry is taking on a different form, a smarter form. Obsidian marks the beginning of the new school…no, the new standard for representation. So,

The question is not: "are you represented?"

The question is: "who is representing you?"

Forged from lava, Obsidian is known for its precision; often used during surgeries when a scalpel won’t suffice. Under a strong enough microscope, even the finest steel is jagged, but Obsidian maintains a smooth, flawless edge. On this premise we were founded. Obsidian represents, consults, and manages artists in the areas of motion pictures, television, music, branded entertainment, and new media.