For EA's BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE 360 Project just launched last week, Los Angeles-based interactive shop , Wildlife was tapped to lead ideation and digital production by FCB West to create a first-of-its-kind live-action, 360-degree heist experience that runs on desktop, tablet, mobile and VR devices without requiring a standalone app. This breakthrough use of WebGL technology led to Wildlife's role as VR 360-degree digital partner to create, develop, oversee and finish an interactive, 360-degree film on the scale of an action-packed blockbuster to promote the launch of Battlefield: Hardline for blockbuster game company Electronic Arts.

As technical leads and digital partners for the experience, Wildlife worked on the proof of concept with FCB who brought them an germ of an idea and a dream. Eventually, FCB hired MJZ and award-winning commercial director Nicolai Fuglsig to bring this action packed short film to life. Wildlife's understanding and application of interactive live action allowed users to be right in the middle of the action, leveraging mobile device's accelerometer letting the user spin around and experience an intense bank robbery from the perspective of the loot!