The Uprising Creative worked together with The Martin Agency to help craft a 360 experience For Chevy in support of Positivity Week. A key element of this experience was to takeover various gas pumps around the world and outfit them with specially fitted iPad Pros to work as the new User Interface for the pumps. The twist comes with the creation of an application that, instead of cash or credit being used a payment for their gas, a user could use their Facebook or Twitter feed to pay based on the Positivity level on social. 

The custom app that drives the experience, which was built via a combination of Node.js, React.js, Cordova and the IBM Watson API, searches through the user’s feed to determine how positive of a person the user is based on their status updates. The more positive they are, the more free gas they would receive. 

Additionally, behind the scenes was a secondary web app where an Admin (and film crew) could review the incoming sentiment analysis, which would in-turn guide them to select a unique reward experience for the user to be printed out onto their receipt from the pump. All of these rewards would guide users to #FINDNEWROADS. Check out more about the campaign experience with the following buttons.