Courtesy of IGN Network

Working with North Kingdom, the creative agency, and FX Networks, Groove Jones was brought in as their VR partner to help bring their creative concept for the American Horror Story ‘Fearless’ to life for launch at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, CA. 

The intent was to use VR, via the HTC Vive headset, to tease the new season of AHS and provide fans with an opportunity to step into a CG recreation of some of the most memorable locations across all of the AHS seasons in a manner that was not for the faint of heart. Providing a top-notch horror experience and fans were given a glimpse into what was ahead.

The Comic-Con experience was setup at Hilton Bayfront Park, where FX built a dark ominous looking silo to serve as the stage for the VR-driven screams. Five fans at a time would enter the silo and be taken into an all-white room where they were instructed to lay on a bed-like slab and put on an HTC Vive headset by teams in lab coats. 

The fans then wake-up on a hospital gurney in the AHS CG world and are transported through a tense trip that they’ll experience everything from fear, vertigo, panic and a lot of claustrophobia on. With the added bonus of going through the experience with multiple people, so they can hear every scream and whimper in the room, which increased the terror and drama exponentially.

After the success of the Comic-Con activation, FX Networks wanted to take this experience on a mobile tour. Always one to oblige, Groove Jones modified the experience for the tour and helped with the redesign and implementation of taking it on the road. With the mobile tour version of the experience being contained inside a modified trailer system with the ability to have two users experience Fearless VR at the same time.

Learn more about the experience, see what IGN had to say about it, and keep a lookout for the new Mobile Tour Experience via the buttons and video below.