Alongside the team at Cloudfactory and their client at Heineken Company (Parent of Heineken Beer), the team at Superhero Cheesecake crafted an integrated site experience they affectionately call ‘The Interview’; an interactive job interview that guides the viewer through a live-action guided personality test consisting of 12 questions - defining in which way you fit the Heineken Company. Based on your answers, a highly personal profile is created that reflects who you truly are and where you may be able to go within the company’s network of 250 different brands located in more than 70 countries around the globe to maximize your strengths.

Furthermore, with this site experience being intended for the global market, the site catered to a slew of different languages and respective minimum required drinking ages to make sure it was localized and within the letter of the law. Also, the live-action quiz content throughout the experience would be different from culture to culture to create a quiz that’s relevant to the user’s world where they are.  

Everything from the landing to the end result feels as one, smooth experience, no matter if it’s on Desktop or Mobile, by using several tricks, such as using cinemagraphs instead of video so we have the ability to show a custom user interface on top of video material on older devices that don’t fully support inline video in the browser.

The Interview is a unique crossover between HR and marketing that shows the innovative spirit of the Heineken Company as a brand and a potential employer. Interview and learn more about the project via the buttons below.