It seems like every day the man that’s lobbying to be the leader of the free world steps in his own shit. He’s vulgar. He’s mean. He’s a bully. Worst of all, he’s a liar. Quite frankly, we’re scared for the future of our country. 

So 14Four wanted to do their small part to inform and convince undecided voters to not put this man in power. We shine light on some of Trump’s biggest whoppers by creating a site that calls him to task. Created in collaboration with freelance Creative Director, Peter Cortez, the ‘Liar Liar Trump On Fire’ experience allows users to interact with, and discover the truth behind Trump’s lies. The more users scroll, the more lies they uncover. Rollover the lie and the truth is revealed. The site also provides a persistent link for users to Register to Vote. 

This living, breathing Trump take down will be updated in real-time. The more lies he tells (and he will tell more before the election), the longer his nose grows, more lies are added, and their truths revealed. So voters of Ad Land and beyond, undecided or not, don’t F around on November 8th. Get out and vote. And make sure we all don’t catch fire. Follow his nose via the buttons below.