Wildlife worked closely with the team at Saatchi & Saatchi L.A., their Toyota client, and Twitter, to conceive and concept a live-streaming interactive video portal installation between L.A. and NYC, pulling passersby into spontaneous connections with strangers 3,000 miles away. Using the power of joining hands via the touchscreens to trigger a linked experience that allowed user to remotely play drawing games, create connection-triggered scene changes, and new friendships to be formed in the name of Standing Together to support the United Way. 

Passers-by in Herald Square in NYC and at Hollywood and Highland in L.A. would have the ability to walk up and put their hand on the screen to ping the other location, connecting them with a user at on the other end. Then, a collaborative drawing game takes over as the two users share the screen and join together to create playful scenes of city skylines, outer space and sunny days. All the while, they captured the video feeds and drawings on each side, with a cloud-based renderer automatically editing each session into a 30-second highlight reel that was tweeted back to users from @ToyotaUSA.

In order to achieve a real-time live stream between the locations, Wildlife worked with AT&T to secure special 4G LTE frequencies that, when paired with the hardware with their custom HD video streaming software, VPN and OSC protocol, provided the real-time communication necessary for this to be a success. All done in a 6-week total production timeline.

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