Collaborating with Ogilvy NY, Rekrei and Unesco, the team at Pet Gorilla developed a beautiful WebGL site experience for the Reclaiming History campaign. This campaign site brings attention to the efforts to restore fallen monuments and pieces of history so we never forget where we came from. Using photogrammetry from Archeologists, the team also created virtual versions of these monuments and artifacts with geo-location placement to populate the site with educational content that is all navigable with an interactive 3D globe. 

Taking the efforts one step further, the site has a crowdsourcing component to it that allows people from around the world to do their part to help out through photo submission of these pieces of history to keep the rebuilding efforts going. 

Additionally, a small collection of these virtual monuments and artifacts have been 3D printed to be used in an ever growing exhibit that will add new pieces to it as more are reclaimed. Learn more about it by watching the case film here or clicking the button below to check out the site