The talented folks over at Droga5 approached We Are Royale with the task of creating a microsite that allows users to create the tacky holiday sweater of their dreams, and submit them to the social media gods for judgement and praise for their client, Coke Zero, this past holiday season. Then the social masses would case their votes for 100 lucky winners, who would actually get their designs knitted, wrapped up and sent to them within two weeks of the contest ending (yes just two weeks) just in time for the holiday parties. 

Never one to shy away from creative problem-solving, the team cracked the code (pun totally intended) to design and develop a sophisticated online tool and elevated holiday experience for creating your wildest, most beautifully tacky holiday sweater. In fact, the AngularJS and PHP-based tool they built was so sophisticated that it would render any combination of 1,324,405,261 total design possibilities onto a photo-real garment. Santa T-Rex, menorahs, pirate snowmen, unicorns… they all came to the party in order to allow for as few repeats as possible. This gave users the ability to design their perfect, über-custom sweater, that, upon completion, they were prompted to submit into a competition for the most votes, via an ePrize integration; A sweater Royale, if you will.

Once the product was launched, over the course of the two and a half weeks after Thanksgiving, 82,200 sweaters were made, 405,261 votes were cast, and 44.7 million impressions were garnered. Enshrining the top 100 sweaters in the first ever "sweater hall of fame" (at least as far as we know). But now the hard part…it was time to actually knit these wooly beauties. Enter their partner Stoll America in New York's garment district, who worked around the clock to manufactured every custom sweater, package them and ship each one to the hands of it's creator to wear proud and post pictures of their lovingly crafted items all over social media. So much attention was being paid to the Coke Zero Sweater Generator, that posts on AdAge, Fast Company, Thrillist, Xbox and Funny or Die simply fueled the fire. It's a wonderful holiday treat for the ages to have your work immortalized in Italian wool.