R/GA New York was tasked by Samsung to concept a way for user to have a virtual test drive of sorts for their new Galaxy 6S Edge smartphone that would highlight some of it’s ground-breaking features in a tactile and beautifully engaging way that users have never seen before. Enter We Are Royale, who’s team collaborated with R/GA to design and develop a WebGL-driven experience that gave users the ability to explore the S6 Edge in real-time, reactive photoreal 3D, while also providing the opportunity for users to reveal six gorgeous vignettes that highlight aspects of the phone in surprising, yet elegant and recognizable ways.

Each of those vignettes could be navigated by using a carousel-style nav to click through each of the six, using their mouse to click and drag the phone around the 3D space to reveal them, or users could turn the tactile control up to 11 using WebSockets to link their own smartphone to the site experience and have the data from their phone’s own gyroscope and accelerometer sensors control the s6 Edge on the screen. 

The resulting, Cannes Lion-winning experience places the new Galaxy S6 Edge into the users hands and gives them the ability to really get a feel for this groundbreaking device.