Superhero Cheesecake partnered Norwegian agency, SMFB, and their fellow Dutch compatriots, MediaMonks, to create an interactive experience for Diadora that transcended the interwebs by giving one lucky consumer the power to set an epic real-world trek in-motion. By pre-ordering a pair of Diadora’s Italian-made N9000 shoes, one person unknowingly pushed the start button for the spectacular Bright Delivery; a 1500 km journey across Europe to deliver a pair of shoes by foot. In an amazing relay, runners from 10 different countries passed on the shoebox until the final destination in Barcelona. 

The team at Superhero crafted the responsive HTML5 interactive site experience that allowed users to re-live the run in all of it’s statistical glory by developing a creative UI that allowed them to navigate through quite possibly the greatest delivery in history, while also allowing them to meet the fantastic crew of runners and their personal journeys that all came together to make the Bright Delivery possible. It all starts at the Diadora Headquarters and by dragging on the timeline with which users can swipe all the way to Barcelona without missing social posts, heart rate changes, shoebox hand-overs, inspirational quotes and live-video content. Check this monumental trek our for yourself via the FWA and Awwwards winning site linked below.