The brilliant team at Superhero Cheesecake collaborated with JWT Amsterdam and their client, ING, as well as their partner, Microsoft, to craft a new portrait from the passed Dutch Master, Rembrandt. On April 5th, 2016, this portrait, of a man in black 17th-Century clothing with a white collar and hat, was unveiled in front of a packed auditorium. The painting was created using data from Rembrandt’s total body of work, using deep learning algorithms and facial recognition techniques, and consisted of over 148 million pixels, based on 168,263 painting fragments sourced from the Master’s oeuvre.

SHCC spent 18 months collaborating with JWT, ING, Microsoft and numerous data scientists, engineers and Rembrandt experts to create a highly detailed and complex algorithmic process which resulted in 150 gigs of digitally rendered graphics, all to service the creation of a new masterpiece from beyond the grave. To tell this feat art and technology’s full story, the team also created a beautiful, responsive site experience that provides full details on how they resurrected Rembrandt for one last piece.

All of this hard work was intended to fuel the conversation about the relationship between art and algorithms, data and human design, and technology and emotion. Start those conversations later this year when The Next Rembrandt will be on public display in a location to be disclosed very soon. Until then, check out the project that garnered 16 Cannes Lions this year, including 2 Grand Prix Lions, via the links below.