Our number of friends are ever increasing. But in reality there are only five you can really rely on. Which five would you keep close? Which five would you keep on the edge?

Together with DDB Stockholm and MediaMonks Films, Superhero Cheesecake created an interactive experiment to showcase one of the premium features of the Galaxy S6 edge+, for their Samsung client.

The team at Superhero Cheesecake crafted this engaging, cross-platform, HTML5 site with the help of Robin Dunbar, Head of the Social and Evolutionary Neuroscience Research Group at Oxford. It starts with him explaining how the human mind can only cope with 150 friends at any one time. And of those, only 15 are people that we would consider close friends. But refining further, we can count those that would actually come to your aid when you need it on one hand. 

With that in mind, the team developed the ultimate social friend test to help users find out who those final five friends that would come to their aid, if needed, are. This test, which leveraged the Facebook API, guided users through the five specific scenarios, ranging from having a panic attack to being all alone on a mission to Mars. Each scenario required them to name a friend with a specific characteristic that they though would aid them in the situation in order to determine once and for all, who their five friends were. Learn more about this FWA SOTD and MOTD experience with the link below.