Wildlife teamed up with Innocean USA and Hyundai to make car shopping, owning and driving better with a massive new mobile platform that starts by bringing the test drive to you. A robust, Uber-like experience connects consumers with local dealerships through a custom back-end portal spanning all levels of the brand, enabling sales agents to deliver test drives at locations most convenient for the buyer.

The project launched following (10) months of collaboration to conceptualize the flow of the consumer and dealer-facing portions of the app, in a comprehensive UX design process led by Wildlife. The team had to account for not only for how consumers would engage with this product, but also how independent dealerships across the country could integrate this new tool into their day-to-day operation, aiming to ensure they would embrace it.

A deep UI design period followed to create a user-friendly, clean and intuitive visual experience. Simultaneously, the cutting-edge React Native framework was leveraged by the team for mobile development to bring unmatched efficiency in delivering fully native, dedicated iOS and Android apps, while being able to cleaning integrate with Wildlife’s robust, scalable back-end services built specifically for Hyundai that power it all.

Like Uber, users will see a new Hyundai model traveling to them and mapped in real-time, with the ability to communicate with the dealership via in-app messaging. Users can also survey their friends and ask them to weigh in on their prospective purchase, and engage with Hyundai's official NFL and other brand content.



User-Flow Demo

Agent-Flow Demo