Ogilvy and Grainger came to We Are Royale to help them make OSHA’s year-end workplace safety information easier to engage with and understand for their site in support of their safety product lines. With data-visualization being one of the team’s geeky obsessions, they got straight to work and crafted a series of beautiful and intuitive data visualizations to illustrate the complex or obscure business-related analytics from OSHA. Creating (9) Data Narratives in all, highlighting everything from how many sick days does the average manufacturing worker take vs someone working at a bank, to where and what types of injuries happen around the workplace. 

These responsive Data Narrative modules, each purposely designed in a style that best serves it’s respective information, provide users with an interesting perspectives on subjects we’ve all taken for granted. Purposeful design in this case means designing a visual that reveals patterns and trends in the data that no one chart could do. The data is intended for industry professionals who need correlations and answers, and they need it fast. So the team employed a minimalist approach with a pop of color and subtle depth to round-out the design language experience, creating highly legible, clean and easy to quickly understand visuals, free of “chart-junk”. Explore each of them via our demo site below.