Wildlife teamed up with with director Tom Kuntz and Weiden + Kennedy to help bring this interactive man-strument to life for Old Spice. In addition the the interactive development, Wildlife worked closely with director Tom Kuntz and The Mill to make sure the appropriate shots were covered and that the renderings of each muscle were lifelike.

A unique feature of this interactive piece was that the interaction itself was embeddable - no matter where this video showed up, a user could interact with it. This means users weren't being re-directed back to a particular page for the experience. In addition to the complex development, overall design played a huge part as well - the instrument needed to be intuitive and fun while simultaneously controlling a complex execution. 

All in all, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 17.6 M Total Loads
  • 7.2 M Total Plays
  • 17K+ User Generated Videos


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