Father's Day. What does it mean? This long-form piece for Toyota sheds light on the relationships we have with our fathers without being heavy handed. Cosmo Street's Bill Chessman helps craft a story of a man gearing up to meet his father for the first time in a very long time showing us that no matter what the circumstances, everyone has a father and that it's never to late to re-kindle relationships or simply just call and tell them what's on our mind.

What do most dads want for Father's Day? To spend time with their kids. Which is why Toyota sent one L.A. native on a thousand-mile journey to spend Father's Day with his dad for the first time in 13 years. #OneBoldChoice 

When it comes to Father's Day, dads usually get the short end of the stick. We learned that people spend about $7 billion more for Mother's Day than for Father's Day. In fact, many dads are lucky to even get a card or call. This year, Toyota wanted to help make Father's Day mean something more.