As part of their larger efforts spearheading the creative marketing campaign for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival mobile game, Wildlife concepted and animated a broadcast spot to help launch the game and entice viewers to download and play. The 3D character animated spot is an intense, CG glimpse into the violent and life-or-death world of the game. To generate a visceral reaction they created a graphic-novel inspired visual style honoring the roots of the series as a comic book creation. Robert Frost's "Two Roads" poem - an iconic piece of American literature was a perfect tie-in to the game's title and its themes of every decision having an irreversible impact on yourself the characters around you. Wildlife enlisted video-game icon Nolan North, voice of Drake from the Uncharted series, and veteran of many games, cartoons and commercials to record the voice-over and lend the power and intensity the narration needed to land with an impact. Wildlife took the project from concept through design, direction and animation to produce a no-holds barred animated launch spot that is sure to get fans of The Walking Dead series fired up to play the mobile game. The game debuted at #1 in the App Store.